It is always difficult when a loved one passes away. That is why it is important to choose an attorney that cares about your situation and truly wants to help. During Probate many questions arise, such as who is responsible for the Estate? Who pays the bills? How do we unlock bank accounts and get access to the money in the Estate? What do we do with the Last Will and Restatement? These are all questions that our attorneys will help you answer. You do not have to assume these burdens alone. We are here for you.

Our attorneys will help you determine which type of Probate is correct for your situation, such as a Summary Administration, a Formal Administration, or if a Probate is needed at all. We have handled an array of Intestate (without a Last Will and Testament) and Testate (with a Last Will and Testament) Probates.

Our priority is to make sure that your loved one’s property and hard-earned money is properly distributed to your family, friends and loved ones with as little stress as possible.


Our Probate Services Include:

  • Testate Summary Administration
  • Intestate Summary Administration
  • Testate Formal Administration
  • Intestate Formal Administration
  • Ancillary Administrations
  • Trust Administrations
  • Filing Notice of Trust
  • Creditor Issues
  • Homestead Issues
  • Determining Homestead
  • Unclaimed Property Retention





Our firm is ready to assist you with all your Probate needs.

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