Legal Aid Attorney of the Month

Congratulations to Anthony J. Cetrangelo – Legal Aid’s ‘Attorney of the Month’ Legal Aid proudly announces that it has selected Anthony J. Cetrangelo. Esq., as our ‘Attorney of the Month’ for November 2018. Anthony is the Managing Partner of the Threlkeld and Cetrangelo. P.A. law firm located in Naples. Anthony focuses his practice on Wills, […]

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What is a Notice of Trust in Florida Trust Administration?

Most people are familiar with Florida probate. If someone passes away testate or intestate but has property that is owned in the decedent’s individual name, typically a summary or formal administration will have to be filed in court to transfer clear title of the asset. Summary and Formal Administrations are typically avoided with the creation […]

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What is the Purpose of a Declaration of Pre-Need Guardian?

The purpose of a Declaration of Pre-need Guardian is to choose a preferred person (while you are not incapacitated) that you trust and feel comfortable with to become your guardian one day, in the event that you become incapacitated. The court will then appoint your guardian that you selected, unless the person you selected is […]

The Florida Pet Trust

THE FLORIDA PET TRUST Many people in Florida, especially Naples, have great estate plans to provide for their loved ones, but many times, pets, such as our beloved dogs and cats, are not thought of during the process. Interestingly, Florida Statutes recognize the need to care for our furry children as described below and have […]

5 Lady Bird Deed Benefits in Florida

LADY BIRD DEEDS IN FLORIDA 5 Benefits of Lady Bird Deeds A Lady Bird Deed is also known as an Enhanced Life Estate Deed.  In certain situations, these types of deeds can be an effective tool. They are becoming popular here in Naples, Florida, for a variety of reasons such as the ones listed below: […]

What is a Quiet Title Action in Real Estate Law?

How Quiet Title Action’s Apply to Tax Deed Sales and Auctions? When real property is purchased at a tax deed sale auction, many times a Quiet Title Action will be filed next. The reason why a Quiet Title Action will be filed next is because the new owner may have title to the property but […]