The Sunshine State, especially Naples, Florida, is sought after by many retirees to enjoy the vast recreational benefits such as the beautiful beaches, great restaurants, fishing (inshore and offshore) and golfing to name just a few. What many retirees do not understand is that Florida comes with more benefits besides the ones named above such as (but not limited to):

  • No State Income Tax
  • No State Estate Tax
  • No State Inheritance Tax
  • No State Gift Tax
  • No Intangibles Tax
  • Homestead Exemptions
  • Asset Protection Laws

You may be asking, “What are the main steps to establishing your domicile here in Florida?”, which is why I provided them below:

  • File a Declaration of Domicile form in the courthouse of the county you reside in.
  • Apply for your Homestead Exemption at the Property Appraiser’s office in the county your home is located in.
  • Obtain a Florida’s Driver License at a Florida Driver License Bureau office in the county you reside in.
  • Register your Automobiles and obtain a Florida License plate at the Tax Collector’s office in the county you reside in.
  • Register to Vote in the county you reside in.